A few of my favorite beautify things: part III

Hiya beauties!

  Its a gloomy lazy day here in southern California.  I’m having a “terrific lady day” as Ryan calls it; a day when I am a bum and do girlie things like watch wedding TV shows, put on face masks, paint my nails and spend hours on Pinterest looking up nail art. You know, terrific lady things. It seems like a perfect day to blog about terrific finds from beauty subscription services with you terrific people.


Miss Jesse’s Products


I received a sample of Miss Jesse’s Quick Curls creme in my very first Birchbox.  I have naturally wavy/curly hair and have found myself on a never-ending quest for a curl enhancer that doesn’t leave my hair dry and crunchy.  While I love Quick Curls creme for its excellent hold, it can leave my hair a bit crispy if I am not careful about how much product I use. Luckily, Miss Jesse’s just released a new creme, Pillow Soft Curls, for enhancing curls “without the ramen noodle definition.”  Pillow Soft curls delivers with soft, loosely defined, voluminous curls.  I absolutely love this stuff. Added bonus: the products smell delicious. No strong chemical stench like previous products I’ve used. 


Juice Beauty Products


I received various Juice Beauty skincare products from both Birchbox and MyGlam/Ipsy bags and had awesome results.  These products are certified organic and are designed to combat specific skin conerns from blemish cleaning to anti-aging. I recently bought the “Organics to Clear Skin” collection and was somewhat disappointed by the cleanser, but pleased with the moisturizer, blemish-clearing serum and green apple peel. I highly recommend the green apple moisturizer: skin is soft and smells oh so good. 

Yes to…. Products

I received Yes to Cucumber makeup wipes in my MyGlam bag in few months ago, and have been converted. I LOVE these. These wipes are perfect for a gym bag or for late-night lazy makeup removal. The clothes are very gentle but remove makeup quickly and easily. I have not tried the yes to carrots, tomatoes, or blueberries lines yet, but have heard good things from friends and other beauty blogs. Even better, these wipes are very affordable.

If you’ve never tried a subscription and are intrigued, I highly recommend giving it a try. Its a great way to try new products without the risk of buying a full-sized product you don’t like, and a great way to stock up on travel-sized makeup, hair and skin care products. I’ve had really good success with Ipsy and more mixed success with Birchbox (which I’ve since cancelled). That being said, I’ve had friends get some pretty incredible products in their Birchboxes, and I’ve considered going back. I’ve also considered a more personalized subscription like Beauty Army, where you select your samples.

How about you, beauties? Do you subscribe to a subscription service? If so, what ones? What life-changing products have you found? Any full-sized surprises in your monthly boxes/bags? Let me know!



One comment

  1. Beth Miller

    Hey pretty lady! Love your blog! I also enjoy Miss Jessie and Juice Beauty products. I’ve been considering purchasing the Pillow Soft Curls, maybe I’ll take the plunge. 🙂

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