New Year’s Resolutions: Beauty Inside and Out

Hiya beauties!

It’s almost that time when everyone compiles a list of resolutions for the new year. Some of us keep these resolutions throughout the year and someone of us keep resolutions a week into the new year (guilty).

As I was daydreaming about what my resolutions would be, I decided to share my resolutions on my blog to help keep me accountable.  And hell, maybe I’ll inspire you to make some resolutions too! My resolutions are not all beauty related and not all completely serious and thought-provoking, but I think they will make me a better busy beauty bee regardless.  So, here goes:

1.  Fully embrace my naturally wild wavy hair.


Figure 1: Evidence of my childhood wild child hair.  Photo cred: Momma Bee’s facebook

I have had always crazy wild hair since I’ve had hair.  But like any other woman on earth I have decided that the grass is greener on the other side, and have straightened my hair for years.  My biggest issue with embracing my curl was a lack of consistency throughout my hair.  As as kid I had Shirley Temple curls, then I had more wavy hair in high school, then curls, waves and stick straight patches after years of straightening in college.  Over the last few weeks I have researched the best ways to enhance naturally curly hair.  I’ve found that the type of towels you use to dry your hair can affect the pattern of your curls, that shampooing daily can dry and disrupt curls etc. etc.  So this is my resolution to stay true to my roots and give my poor old hair follicles a rest. Those of you that know me and my compulsive desire to change my hairstyle know this may be a challenge. Let’s be clear though, I make no promises about haircolor.

2.  Get back on track

While I love the variety and deliciousness of San Diego cuisine (mmmmh fish tacos…), my waistline does not.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a “oh, I need to lose 100 lbs” resolution.  My resolution is to get back on track to a diet centered on fresh veggies and fruits instead of processed junk, green tea instead of Red Bulls and water all day long. I haven’t felt good about my diet and exercise decisions in a while and I’d like to get back to being proud. I’d like to get back to putting on anything in my closet and feeling really damn good about how I look…. and still make an occasional trip to Roberto’s or Baja Betty’s.

3.  Be a better future Au.D.

I was really blessed to have been taught by one of the best clinical audiologists you could find.  He really instilled in me the value of always striving to be a better clinician: more compassionate, more introspective and always adapting to the patients’ needs.  I have decided to actively work on a reflective journal in which I reflect on each patient: what did I do well? what could have I done better?  Did I really address the concerns of the patient or did I address my agenda? The journal is a tangible way to track progress and an easy way to set aside time to reflect and improve.  To other future Au.D.s, I got this idea from IDA and a template is available through the organization’s website at

4. Put down the remote, pick up a book

Simple as that, cut back on my time glued to the ‘tube and replace it with time spent in a book.  On that note, read anything good lately?

5. Embrace the domestic side

I’m super spoiled that I have a fellow vegetarian future hubs who is an amazing cook.  I’ve always said that I would like to cook and chip in but never really made the effort.  This year, it’s going down.  But only after I get an adorable apron so I can dress the part, of course.

Picture 3

Figure 2: Yeah, this will do.  Photo cred:

6.  Commit time to things I love, no matter how silly/selfish

I am going to commit to writing on the blog once a week.  Sure some posts won’t be earth shattering, and probably will not be all completely beauty related.  Still, I think a large percentage of my “readers” are just friends and family who are interested in what kind of nonsense I am up to.  But don’t worry, most of that nonsense is likely cosmetic related.  I just love playing dress up with makeup too much.

So there it is, beauties.  What are your resolutions, beauty or otherwise?  Do you think I can keep my resolutions?  What ones will I break?  Any suggestions to keep me on track? Leave it in the comments!




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